Renew Your Wedding Vows in Goa

Renew Your Wedding Vows in Goa, India.

Renewing your wedding vows is the best way to show your commitment and love to each other. We offer you the opportunity to renew your vows in Goa, India at a historic church in front of a Catholic priest who will bless and pray for the couple.

The renewal of Vows in Goa ceremony can include a celebratory mass or a prayer service along with the blessing of the rings of the couple.

For the process of Renewal of your Vows in Goa India, you can bring along your close family as well as friends to take part in your special ceremony.

A special clergy person specialized in counselling relationships will officiate over the ceremony for renewing your vows in Goa, India.

What Should You Wear during the ceremony to renew your vows in Goa, India?

The bride could wear the original wedding gown if you still have yours or a white dress. The groom can wear a tuxedo or suit.

Who Walks You Down the Aisle when you renew your vows in Goa, India?
While there’s no hard and fast rule when you renew your vows in Goa, India, you could have your children escort you, or better yet, walk down the aisle together.

What Actually Happens During the Ceremony to renew your vows in Goa, India?

If you choose to have a Catholic mass ceremony,  the celebrant Priest will guide you through the ceremony. There will be your favourite hymns sung as well your choice of readings which are meaningful to the occasion. After the communion, both the bride and groom will have their rings blessed and exchanged as well as renew their vows to remain faithful and be there for each other in front of the altar and their near and dear ones.

Renew Your Wedding Vows in Goa, India for Non Catholics and Non Christians.

We also offer the opportunity for Non Catholic and Non Christian couples to renew their vows in a church with a priest. The service will be a shorter one without the celebration of the Eucharist or the mass. A special prayer will be said for the couple and their rings will be blessed before they repeat the vows said by the priest or read the ones they have written. This celebration of renewing your vows in Goa, India for non Catholics and non Christians adds a divine touch to your celebration by having it in a grand church in Goa. The entire ceremony will last for 30 minutes followed by a photography session.

We also offer optional services for photography during the service of renewing your vows in Goa, as well as the options for decorating the church and your hall.

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