Fr Paulo do Rosario Dias

Fr Paulo do Rosario Dias was a Goan priest who worked in the Goan Church of Carambolim as the Vicar. The Carambolim  Church is one of the older Goan Churches in Goa. He was assisted during his tenure by Fr Pedro Correia from Chorao till 1752. Fr Michael Felix de Siqueira from Aldona till 1753. Fr Caetano Rodrigues de Tavora from Carambolim till 1757. Fr Luis de Almeida from Taleigao till 1754. Fr Francisco Baptista da Conceisao from Carambolim till 1756.   He was a native of Carambata, Chorao, Goa.

Priest Details

From: Carambata, Chorao, Goa

Past Church / Chapel / Institution