Frei Pascoal de Jesus Maria

Frei Pascoal de Jesus Maria was born as Pascoal Gonsalves. He was the son of Sebastiao Gonsalves and Ana de Lisboa from Coura, Valencio do Minho. He was a reader in Philosophy and Theology. He was elected Rector of the Colegio do Populo de Goa but did not take charge. He worked in Bassein and was also the Vicar at Merces before the province was lost by the Portuguese including the square and the convent. He worked in the Royal Chapel of St Anthony in Old Goa and at the Church of St John the Evangelist at Neura, Goa. He died while he was the Vicar at Neura on 27 September 1749.

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From: Valenca de Minha

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