Fr Pascoal Colaco

Fr Pascoal Colaco was a Diocesan Priest who worked as the Vicar in the Church of St John the Evangelist in Neura, Goa. The Church of St John the Evangelist at Neura, Goa was built in 1541. He was a native of Cortalim, Goa. He was previously the Parish Priest at Calvim, followed by Neura and Santo Estevao. He also worked in the Church of Sao Braz (St Blaise) at Gandaulim, Goa. The St Blaise Church in Goa was built in 1563.

Priest Details

Born: 27/07/1945 Ordained: 23/04/1972
From: Cortalim, Goa

Past Church / Chapel / Institution