Fr Manuel João Socrates de Albuquerque

Fr Manuel João Socrates de Albuquerque was a Goan Diocesan Priest who worked in the Goan Church of Our Lady of Grace at Madel, Chorao, Goa as the Vicar. The Our Lady of Grace Church at Chorao, Goa was built in 1551 and is among the older Goan Churches in the archdiocese. The Chorao Church at Madel is dedicated to Our Lady of Grace. He was a native of Raia, Goa. He also worked as the Vicar in the Church of Sao Bartolomew, (St. Bartolomeu), Chorao, Goa. The St Bartolomeu Church on the Island of Chorao in Goa was built in 1569. He then worked in the Church of Assagao, Goa.

Priest Details

From: Raia, Goa.

Past Church / Chapel / Institution