Fr Caetano Luis de Sousa

Fr Caetano Luis de Sousa was a Goan Diocesan Priest.  He worked in the Church of The Holy Spirit at Naroa, Goa as the Vicar.  The Naroa Church was built in 1710. He was a native of Moira, Goa. He also worked as the Vicar in the Church of Sao Bartolomew, ( St. Bartolomeu), Chorao, Goa. The St Bartolomeu Church on the Island of Chorao in Goa was built in 1569. He also worked as the Vicar of Arambol, Goa. He died in Moira at 7 30 pm on 26 December 1864 after suffering from Paralysis at the age of 60 years. He was laid to rest at Moira, Goa.

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From: Moira, Goa

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