Fr Bras Artur Bom Parto Quadros

Fr Bras Artur Bom Parto Quadros was a Diocesan Priest who worked as the Vicar in the Church of Our Lady of Piedade (Piety), Divar, Goa. The Our Lady of Piedade ( Piety) Church at Divar was built in 1625. He was the Dean of Piedade. He previously worked in the Church of Navelim, Goa. He was relieved from his post on 30 March 1964. He was praised and thanked for the services rendered with dedication to the cause of God and the Catholic Church in Goa for more than 49 years.

Priest Details

Born: 11/09/1889 Ordained: 01/01/1915
From: Raia, Goa

Past Church / Chapel / Institution