Fr Antonio Xavier Ludovico Camilo de Braganza

Fr Antonio Xavier Ludovico Camilo de Braganza was a Goan priest who worked in the Goan Church of Carambolim, Seraulim and Agassaim as the Vicar. The Carambolim  Church, the Seraulim Church and the Agassaim Church are among the oldest of  Goan Churches in Goa.  He was also the Vicar of Halyal from 1918 to 1920. He was the Cura Incharge in 1946.  He was Relieved as the Parish Priest of St John the Baptist Church, Carambolim, Goa as per his request on 18 March 1932. He was Appointed incharge of Se Cathedral in 1946.He was a native of Majorda Betalbatim, Goa. He passed away in 1805.

Priest Details

Born: 15/07/1885 Ordained: 27/09/1908
From: Majorda, Goa

Past Church / Chapel / Institution