Fr Antonio Especiano de Sousa

Fr Antonio Especiano de Sousa was a Diocesan Priest who worked as the Vicar in the Church of Sao Bartolomew, (St. Bartolomeu), Chorao, Goa. The St Bartolomeu Church on the Island of Chorao in Goa was built in 1569. He was a native of Loliem, Goa. He was previously the Vicar at Chicalim, Goa. He later worked in the Church of Sarzora, Goa. and at the Church of Orlim, Goa. He passed away on 9 August 2007 at Loliem, Goa.

Priest Details

Born: 03/03/1917 Ordained: 26/10/1944
From: Loliem, Goa

Past Church / Chapel / Institution