Fr Alcantara Estevao Joaquim Rodrigues

Fr Alcantara Estevao Joaquim Rodrigues was a Goan priest who worked in the Goan Church of Carambolim as the Vicar. The Carambolim  Church is one of the older Goan Churches in Goa. He also worked as the Vicar in the Church of Our Lady of Ajuda (Help), Ribandar, Goa. The Our Lady of Ajuda ( Help) Church at Ribandar was built in the Sixteenth Century. He also worked in the Church of Nuvem, Goa.  He was a native of Chinchinim, Goa.

Priest Details

Born: 26/12/1947 Ordained: 28/04/1973
From: Chinchinim, Goa

Present Church / Chapel / Institution

Past Church / Chapel / Institution