Fr Agostinho Xavier Fernandes

Fr Agostinho Xavier Fernandes was the vicar of Merces.  Fr Agostinho Xavier Fernandes passed away in Naroa on 7th March 1827 while in Service. He was previously the Vicar of the Church of Holy Trinity in the City.

During his illness he was Assisted by  Fr Joaquim Manuel da Silva from Sirula till 1807.
Fr Remedios da Cruz from Chandor served till 1808
Fr Avelino Pascoal Gonsalves from Piedade served till 1820
Fr Miguel Araujo do Rosario Correia from Moira till 1827.

Priest Details

Born: 19/10/1754 Ordained: 05/06/1784
From: Naroa, Goa

Past Church / Chapel / Institution