Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambery (C.S.S.J.) in Goa

Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambery (C.S.S.J.)

In Goa since 1966

Brief Historical Background:
When France of the 17th Century (1646) was being ravaged by civil and religious wars, some girls came together and consecrated themselves to God and to all those who were suffering around them. A saintly Jesuit, Fr. Medaille, encouraged and sustained them. Thus was born ‘The Little Design.’ It remained hidden, because it could not have a legal existence at a time when only Monastic Life was recognized in the Church. But the tiny communities of 3 to 6 Sisters, living close to the people, increased in number, until the local bishop, Msgr. Henri de Maupas, consented to grant them an official existence. The French Revolution threatened to annihilate them, but new branches sprouted from the mutilated stumps. One of them was the Savoy branch of Chambery. The Sisters of St. Joseph today number more than 2,800 and are spread in 12 countries.

Superior General:
Generalate, Via Calandrelli, 7,00153 ROMA Tel : 00 39 06 58331080 5818667 Email :

Provincial Superior:
St. Joseph’s Provincialate, Kingsway, Nagpur (MS) 440 001 Tel. 0712 2537391 Fax: 0712 547110 Email: