Church Wedding in Goa

If you wish to have a church wedding in Goa, We help you with getting the various permissions and paperwork required to make your wedding of a church wedding in Goa a success.  Please note that the process takes a while so write in advance to us at specifying your requirements for your Church wedding in Goa.

If you want to book a wedding mass in any of the churches in Goa or a chapel in Goa please contact us in advance. October to February is usually the wedding season in Goa and wedding mass dates are booked usually a year in advance. We will try our best to get you your preferred mass date and time in any of the churches in Goa or Chapels in Goa.

If you want to book a thanksgiving mass, we can book the same for you at the church of your choice or at Pilar Seminary.

If you want to book a remembrance mass for a departed person, we can book it for you in the church of your preference in Goa or at the Pilar Seminary.

If you need a Priest to celebrate the mass for your celebration we can provide you with priests from the various seminaries to say the mass either in English, Konkani, Portuguese or Spanish.

If you need a choir to perform at the mass of your choice, we can also arrange the same.

For your requirements please fill in the form below.