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Having observed  Churches in Goa from a young age and being in awe of the magnificence of each church in Goa, I was fascinated by the amazing architecture of Goan Churches, the inspiring works of art that line up the inside walls of every Church of Goa, The radiating altars from which the Goan Priests preach and the melodious hymns sung passionately by Goan Choirs and the congregations in Goa, This would lead me to search for more information about Goan churches online. However there being very limited useful information about Churches in Goa on the internet, I decided to start this website.

The Information related to Churches in Goa is vast and there being no single place where I can get all the information I need, most of the information has to be searched from various sources. I dedicate as much time as I can on this project, How ever it will still be a work in progress for a long time, such is the size of it. Please bear with me till I slowly but surely try and complete the information on various topics on this site. If You do have information you can contribute or would like some information to be added please feel free to email me. contains information of not only Churches in Goa, I am trying to get information about Chapels in Goa and Religious institutions in Goa. The website also has information about Priests in Goan Churches and Chapels in Goa as well as the Religious orders working in Goa. I also have a section dedicated to Mass Timings of Churches in Goa and Feasts in Goa which I try to update every time I can source more information.

I hope through this site you do find what you are looking for.

I also try and source copies of Certificates from the different Churches in Goa, mainly Baptism Certificates from Goa, Marriage Certificates from Goa and Death Certificates from Goa from the past years. If you need any certificate from any church in Goa you can email me and I will try to source the required certificate and courier it to you anywhere in the World.

We also provide the service to renew your vows in Goa.

I welcome your Suggestions, Feedback, Queries and Contributions. Please email me at

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