St. Rock Chapel, Bandora, Ponda, Goa

The chapel dedicated to St. Roque  is at Bandora, near Ponda in Central Goa. The Chapel is referred to as the Bandora Chapel locally. The village of Bandora lies in the green belt of Goa and as such has forested hills and rice paddies around it giving it a lush green and fresh feel. The St Roque Chapel in Bandora is located on a small hillock in the village of Bandora. The Chapel was originally built in 1904 and  comes under the affiliation of the St Anne’s Church located at Ponda, Goa.

During the demolition of the old chapel to be replaced with the new one, the bell which weighed around 45 kgs was removed. Inscriptions in the bell were found in Devnagiri and Portuguese acknowledging that the bell was donated in 1913 by a prominent Hindu family of Naboobai Katkar. The same bell still tolls every day to announce various services and is in perfect condition.

The Chapel of St Roque at Bandora, Goa celebrates the feast of the Patron saint Roque in the firs week of May every year.

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